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3 Steps to Make Change with Ease!

February 11, 2016

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Finding Peace in Times of Terror



How can we put out the wildfire of terror?

Smother it.


The fuel of this fire is fear.  Fear feeds the fire to grow brighter, stronger and quickly spread out of control.


The first spark that set this terrorist blaze a fire was fear.  What does fear look like in the heart of those who are so disconnected from themselves that they the commit such tragic act of taking other human lives?  

The heart boils over with feelings of despair, anger, jealousy, greed, resentments.  It darkens with feelings of how unfair everything is and that they are alone, unwanted, and misunderstood.

The heart is black with rage.  It acts out violently against the world in an effort to be heard.  A deafening scream of how much pain they are suffering.


How much pain are we all in now?  

Deaths upon deaths piling high - in all areas of the world, and now in our backyard of California.


How can we feel safe to go out to the store?  To send our children to school?


We have a choice here.  


We can choose to feed the fire of anger and hatred, and rage with it, causing the flames of the fire to grow higher and increase the toll of deaths with it.


Or we can choose the path of emotional freedom.  We must acknowledge our pain and shine a light on it.  Otherwise, the anger and fear will consume us, take over our thoughts, and subconscious.  Our hearts will mirror those of our aggressors, unless we can callout the pain and release it.


So, as difficult as it is, feel the pain.   Honor the losses.  The loss of life.  The loss of innocence.  The loss of the carefree feeling that we’ve enjoyed living here in the States.  By shining a light on the dark feelings within, they are unable to hide in the shadows, and subconsciously, take actions to fan the fire of anger.  (For tips on how to release the pain and anger in a healthy way, click here.)


At this dark time, I invite us all to smother the flame of fear with love and compassion.


How can we possible do this after what has happened?


First, start within.  Love and honor ourselves.  If you can’t feel safe outside your home, than work on feeling safe within yourself by living a life that is true to you, honors you, and your happiness.  Consciously choose and think thoughts that inspire you and inspire your inherent goodness.


If we give in to fear, we betray ourselves.  If we let anger to take over, it will extinguish our light, and lead us on the path of darkness.


Love yourself.  Reassure yourself that you are going to be OK.  Live your life to the fullest with a heart full of love. 


Once you have mastered choosing love over fear for yourself, then, give yourself permission to pray for those dark souls that committed these tragic crimes.  Pray that they may also feel love and peace in their hearts, and that they learn to love themselves within, so that whatever happens in their outer world, they live in alignment with the highest truth of life, love.


Love conquers fear.  Love is the solution to ending this storm of violence.  Love is the light.  Let yours shine brightly.


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