I am thrilled to begin working together and supporting you on your journey to achieving your goals!


We have had our introductory call with each other and determined that we are optimistic and enthusiastic about what we can accomplish together. To bring our “best selves” to the coaching relationship, it is important that we share the same understanding about how we will work together.

New Client Coaching Agreement

Please print, sign and date.  Then, please email me a photo of your signed agreement.




Please download these files to your desktop.  Once you have saved the forms, fill in the information where requested.

Then, please email completed forms to SandyShaw@gmail.com


Completed forms must be must be received prior to the first scheduled coaching session.  Thank you!


Pre-coaching clarity questionnaire

Please fill in the infomormation, and email the completed form.

Coaching Handouts and Worksheets

This folder is a library of handouts and worksheets for you to easily access.  

Please do not feel the need to do all of them!

I will make specific individual recommendations for you as to which ones to use that will most benefit you on your journey.


Certified Life Coach



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