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A mother's love is the light that gets us through the hard times and darkness.

A mother's voice is the one we hear in our heads when we are climbing up a mighty mountain whispering in our ears, "You can do it!"

I offer deep gratitude to all mothers!

THANK YOU for all you do!







A gift of love and gratitude from me to you.























Is your soul calling out for you to take a moment, slow down and relax?


Are you longing to reconnect to your inner truth and re-center in your wholeness?


Are you craving a little fun and some creative expression in your life?


We all know the numerous benefits of practicing mindfulness meditations,

but sometimes it’s hard to slow down enough to just “sit still and be.”


That is why I have created this book. 


It is an easy, ACTIVE, CREATIVE & JOYFUL way to experience all the wonderful benefits of mindfulness meditation.


Enjoy and let your creative spirit flow!

Are you ready to make changes in your life?

Commited to doing the work to change?

Ready to take your life to the next level?


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