I am on a heart driven mission to

empower women to thrive in their lives!


I support women to embrace self-love, honor their self-worth, and own their personal power to live a life in alignment with their highest self and highest happiness.


Through my work with clients, I have witnessed women radically transform their lives in a short time: relationships become more loving and supportive; they discover their life purpose and create an inspired life; achieve goals; start their own businesses; move through transition with grace, and shift from feeling helpless, lost and alone to owning their personal power and taking charge of their lives!


Working together, I will help you discover your life purpose to create a life and career you love!





It takes courage, strength and commitment.  When you are ready to say enough is enough, I want POSITIVE CHANGE in my life - you are ready to go!





Growing up I felt insecure and shy, uncomfortable in my own skin, and unaccepted.  I'm going to be honest, being sensitive like this was tough.  At the same time, I managed to live a fairly good life.  In fact, outwardly, my life looked like a dream life.  It was.  I am married to an outstanding man, we have two healthy, bright and energetic children, and our life is abundant.  How then, could I feel less that happy?  Because I became disconnected from my True-Self.  I stopped listening to my inner-voice.  I no longer trusted myself or my intuition to know what was best for me.  


Being completely disconnected from my inner-self, I looked outside myself for everything, and I became very needy.  I relied on my husband and kids to make me feel loved instead of loving myself.  I needed to feel approval from others in order not to feel rejected from my self.  I trusted the opinions of others over my own.  I placed no value on my own self-care and well-being.  In fact, I thought self-care and doing things just for the enjoyment of it was being selfish!  I had formed exaggerated ideas of what a “good wife” and “good mother” were through looking toward at our culture and media, rather than on my own values.  My expectations of myself set me up for failure.  I felt like I wasn’t good enough.  My internal voice was cruel and mean.  


This break from my inner source was detrimental to my well-being.  I only understand what lead to my low point in retrospect.  For the longest time, all I could think was, “What’s wrong with me!”  How could I be unhappy when I am so blessed?  I felt guilty for being unhappy.  I felt perhaps I wasn't appreciating all of my blessings and something was seriously wrong with me.  I was breaking down, lost in the darkness, feeling alone and scared.






At my lowest point, I finally decided I needed to do something to save myself.   My despair was a catalyst for personal awakening!  I started on a path of self-discovery.   


I took action and invested in myself and my own well-being.  I hired a life coach.  I had worked with therapists in the past, but life coaching was radically different.  I not only visioned the life I wanted, but I created the life I wanted.  


I started on the path to making a connection with the inner-voice of my true self, and practicing inner kindness.  Instead of looking at myself and noting all of the things I thought I was failing at, I started looking for those things I was doing well.  I also shifted from looking for my happiness through others, to looking for my happiness within.





I realized that I had a choice in creating my life experience.  I could choose where I would place my focus.  I could choose love, or I could choose fear.  I chose love and my life began to change for the better dramatically.




Another powerful turning point in my personal transformation was this shift in perspective:  I had the core belief that self-care was selfish.  Then I came to understand that the truth is practicing self-care is being self-responsible!


Instead of being co-dependent, and looking to my husband and kids to make me feel loved, I began looking to myself.  I tuned-in and listened to my inner voice.  What did I need to do for myself to feel loved?  What could I do to love and nurture myself?  Then, I honored my inner voice by taking action!  I started painting again, releasing my creativity authentically!  I took bubble baths, I started exercising again.  I started doing the things that brought me true inner joy and fed my soul.


When I began practicing self-care and rebuilding the inner connection with my true self,  I started to trust in my higher self.  I started to come back to life.






I began studying A Course in Miracles, and I read Marianne Williamson's, A Return to Love. Today, this is the foundation of my belief system.


This truth spoke deeply to me:

We are a miracle of life here on Earth.  Each of us has an important role to play, and this world needs our true, authentic spirits to shine brightly!  .... AND this includes ME!  ..... and it includes YOU!


YOU are important in this world!  Shine your light brightly!!








Today, I am back in full-force and living my life purpose.


I am sharing my story with you because I think many women out there suffer alone in the dark the same way I did.  I want them to know that they are not alone.  I have been there and come through the other side into the light.  It is my heart's desire to share the knowledge and tools, wisdom and guidance I have gained through my experience with you to help you come back into the light too.








So get ready to take your life to the next level! 
It's going to be an amazing journey!
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Sandy Shaw is on a heart-driven mission to empower women to thrive in their lives, embrace self-love, honor their self-worth, and own their personal power to live a life in alignment with their highest self and highest happiness.  


A Certified Life Coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and writer, Sandy empowers women to discover their life purpose and create a life and career they love.


Sandy has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Akron, has 20 years of marketing experience, is an artist, www.sandyshawart.com, and has 15 years teaching and mentoring women and girls to express their authentic selves in the world.


Sandy Shaw is a certified life coach from Life Purpose Institue and a certified facilitator for Girls Leadership.  


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